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Technique and Cutting-Edge Technology

"CUTLER, a worker licensed to make and sell knives, scissors, razors, and other Surgical instruments, of whatever nature, as a member of a guild called the 'Communauté des Couteliers'...".

"The cutler's main tools are: an anvil with a horn on one side and a heel on the other - Its shape is relatively unimportant, it just needs to be well-proportioned and sufficiently strong; a forge similar to those used by Locksmiths, Edge-Tool Makers, Nailers and other Blacksmiths; all kinds of hammers and pliers; high and low grinding wheels; polishing heads of various sizes; burnishers, drills, trees, files, whetstones, hones, grindstones, large vices, hand vices, etc.".

Denis Diderot

Thanks to the precise movements and creativity of these artisan cutlers, the Nogent basin has been the scene for high-quality production since the 18th Century. Nowadays, this production combines technique with cutting-edge technology. To the old activities are added forge and stamping work, the most sophisticated hand-held equipment, the production of custom surgical instruments, and prosthetics made with special alloys.

In Nogent, the Cutler's Museum presents the traditional cutler heritage of Haute-Marne, as well as its new technologies. Some exceptional pieces are on display: hand-forged steel, gold, silver, mother-of-pearl, scale, ivory, precious wood, and steel worked as finely as lace....

Coutellerie de Nogent

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