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In the footsteps of Diderot

In the Footsteps of the Gallo-Romans

"ANTIQUITY, this term is used to refer to past centuries".

Denis Diderot

The Encyclopaedia offers a rich panorama over Antiquity, through monuments, works of art, and objects related to everyday life. In these illustrations, we see bracelets, pendant earrings, amulets, and Roman headdresses and shoes...

Having settled on the Langres spur, seat of the ancient capital "Andematunnum", the Lingone people can also be linked to major archaeological sites in the Pays de Langres.

In the commune of Andilly-en-Bassigny, an impressive set of Gallo-Roman artefacts has been unearthed, and new objects continue to be discovered regularly. A large part of the villa (secondary residence and farm) has been preserved, notably the thermal baths. A Merovingian necropolis that was later set up in the ruins is also worth pointing out.

In Faverolles, a splendid tomb, over 20 metres in height, is also a joy for archaeologists. The relics of this mausoleum are displayed in the archaeological workshop found at the centre of the village. Finely-sculpted decoration charged with funerary symbolism lies around a large model: life-sized lions, "marine centaurs", funeral masks (Bacchus, Maenad, Silenus), weaponry bas-relief, columns, column capitals... Fitted out as a discovery trail, the archaeological site, situated in a forest, allows visitors to discover the remnants of the tomb in their own environment (burial ground, Roman roads, limestone quarries, lime-kiln, spring...)

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